Perfect Your Pricing - learn how to price for a sustainable and profitable business

* Get paid your worth * Earn profit for your business *
* Stop working crazy hours for less than minimum wage *

To be able to grow a successful and sustainable business, the most important thing you can do is get your pricing right.
We're here to teach you how to Perfect Your Pricing!

Does this sound like you?

  •  You struggle to work out what you need to charge for each enquiry that comes in…?
  • You realise after each bake that you have massively undercharged…?
  • You get to the end of year accounts and realise how little you’ve earned, despite spending every spare hour at the mixer…?
  • You wonder if there’s ever going to be a way to actually earn a living doing the job you love…?

you can take control!

With Perfect Your Pricing, you can take control of your pricing, to build a profitable and sustainable business.  We will help you to: 

  • calculate all your costs (even ones you haven’t thought of!)
  • figure out your hourly rate
  • and work out how much profit you need to be earning

Go from unsure & underpaid to confident and charging your worth!

introducing your coaches

Between them, Julie and Lauren have over 16 years experience in the baking business, covering every permutation from
working from home to selling at farmers markets to running a bespoke cake shop.

Lauren Smy

Lauren is the owner of The Honey Bee Wedding Cake Company and Lauren Grace Consulting. She has rapidly moved her business from being a part time sideline to becoming a successful full time wedding cake designer, alongside looking after her young twin sons. Her wedding cakes have been featured many times in print and online and her diary is fully booked at least a year in advance.

With a career background in teaching (Business and Economics) and investment banking, alongside a degree in Business Management, Lauren has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share. Lauren is a columnist for Cakes & Sugarcraft, offering business advice on a new topic every issue. She is passionate about working with ambitious cake makers who are looking to boost their business potential, and increase their incomes.

Julie Gibson

Julie founded Ice Maiden Cakes in 2009 from her home in Somerset and three years later went full time in her cake career, opening her first bespoke cake shop. She specialises in cakes that aren’t cake shaped and often incorporates lights & sound in to her creations. She has created her stand-out, quirky designs for many big name companies including Virgin, Boeing, Screwfix and Ariel as well as counting several A list celebrities on her client list (shhhhhh!).
Julie cites her unusually ambidextrous brain for her business success combining her right-brained creativity with her left-brained love of numbers, analysis and strategy which she honed during her career as a criminal intelligence analyst.
Having been in the baking industry for over 11 years there’s not much she hasn’t got experience of and she’s passionate about passing that knowledge on to other bakers to help to elevate the professionalism of her beloved profession.

“I cannot recommend Lauren highly enough! So many coaches out there seem to waffle on and in the end you are left feeling unsure of what you have actually gained, but that is definitely not the case with Lauren. She thoroughly answers your questions, and genuinely seems keen to help. After my call with Lauren, I felt better informed and knew what I needed to do to take my business forward.”
Tiers of Joy
“I had an awesome coaching call with Julie today, and it has given me lots of great info and guidance towards my goal of levelling up my business. Thank you, Julie!”

Who is this course for?

  • This course has been created for ambitious professional cake makers and bakers who want to get their pricing right, so they can run a successful, profitable and sustainable business.
  • Whether you are just starting out and want to get this right first time, or you’re already established but have a niggling feeling that you’re probably not charging enough, this course is for you.
  • Or maybe you’re a ‘lockdown baker’ who started for fun but now you want to take it seriously and start attracting a completely different quality of client. You don’t want to burn out doing huge volumes of bakes at prices which barely cover your costs, let alone pay you a wage – by taking this course you can learn how much you really need to charge.

what am i going to learn?

When Julie and Lauren created this course, they knew it had to be more than just a spreadsheet which added up your costs for you. While this is a great start, there are so many other things to consider – and Julie and Lauren will go through all of these things to help you create a price list which incorporates all of your costs (not just the costs of making the cake, but running your whole business), your wages and profit for your business.

They will provide you with the spreadsheets that you need, complete with fancy formulas that calculate and connect everything for you – and give you step by step instructions on how to complete them and actually use them.

On top of that, they have included BONUS modules on:

  • Confidence – what’s the point of knowing your numbers if you’re terrified to say the quotes out loud?
  • Your Ideal Client – how do you define them, and what does it mean for your business and pricing?
  • Putting Your Pricing To Work – now you know what you need to charge, how do you put this into practice? What if it’s not working for you?
  • And, they have also created modules for specific pricing issues, such as weddings & VIP clients (why are they so much more expensive than standard celebration bakes?!), and treat boxes.

what's so special about this course?

  • This is an instant-start, work-at-your-own-pace course. You don’t have to worry about being available each week at a set time – just work through each module on your own terms. 
  • With practical activities to complete (not compulsory, but definitely helpful!), worksheets, templates and spreadsheets all provided as well as 10 comprehensive training videos and spreadsheet walk-through videos, the course can be completed in a single one day sitting, or spread out on a time scale that suits you.
  • We know that while it’s great to be able to access the resources immediately and work at your own pace, sometimes you just want to speak to a Real Life Person and ask questions. So to help with this, every other month you will be invited to attend a LIVE Q&A session with Lauren or Julie, that will enable you to ask your own specific questions tailored to your situation. How about that for personal service?!
“Thank you, Julie! I’ve always wanted to build a business for myself but never had the support of anyone, let alone anyone with any knowledge of starting a business. I love how open and genuine you are and really appreciate you sharing your first hand knowledge and experiences. Thank you again, you’re amazing!”
“After spending the 2 years since I started my business constantly questioning whether I am good enough to make a real go of it, I now feel confident that I am. Although I’m very much still a work in progress, I feel like 2021 will be my year. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you Lauren!”
Emily Smith
The Brentwood Bakesmith

Get a peek inside!

Still Got questions? check out our FAQs

No! While we expect that once you’ve completed this course, you will probably look to raise your prices, we realise it’s not just as easy as that. There are two modules that will help with this – ‘Confidence’ and ‘Putting Your Prices To Work’ – where we help you with the stumbling blocks you might be facing.

In the true definition of hobby baker, you are not allowed to take money for the cakes you make. However, if you are registered with your EHO but just make a few cakes for ‘pocket money’, then this course will still be valuable to you. Once you see how much it really costs you in money but also time, you may start to think differently about what you charge. Do you really want to be making cakes for £3 an hour when that time could be better spent with your family or indulging in some self care?! Taking Perfect Your Pricing will help you decide.

Both! The general premise is the same but we give you some extra information in regards to weddings and VIP events, including all the extras you have to account for in your pricing for these bakes.

Yes! As well as the ‘fancier’ decorated cakes we also cover pricing for more ‘everyday’ batch bakes and teatime treats and include information on how to price up treat boxes and dessert tables. So if you’re less of a tiered cake maker and more of a biscuit maker or brownie box extraordinaire, the work in this course will be just as valuable to you.

Well, we would say don’t worry about what anyone else is charging, and certainly don’t try to compete with ‘cheap’. One of our modules explains how to identify your Ideal Client and will help you to find those customers who are happy to pay a fair price for your efforts and skills so you don’t have to give those ‘cheap cake ladies’ another thought.
Trust us, those ideal clients are out there! Lauren recently made a Baby Shower dessert table to the value of £1,200 and even in lock-down Julie has clients who regularly order birthday cakes for £300+. Neither of us turns on the oven for less than £100!

Only one of the modules will help with costing the actual cake. There are so many other things to take into account when pricing: how much do you actually want to earn? How much does it cost you to run your business – beyond the actual baking? How much profit do you need to make to be able to reinvest and grow? We cover all these things, as well as looking at specifics such as treat boxes, dessert tables, weddings, and VIP events. And we go further to help you actually implement those prices.

In theory you could do the course on your phone but it’s going to be very uncomfortable and squinty for you, so you should preferably have a laptop or at least a tablet. You will also need access to Microsoft Excel. If you don’t have this on your computer then you can use it for free by setting up a Microsoft account and using their web based version. You can see how to do that in this helpful article.

Not at all. We’ve spent many, MANY hours creating a really clever set of joined up spreadsheets that do all the complicated stuff for you. All you need to do is add your data in the right places and you’ll be walked through this in the videos. We’ve even included an Excel 101 video for those who are completely unfamiliar with spreadsheets.

Nope, almost none in fact! You’ll just be entering numbers for the most part and our clever spreadsheets will do the rest.

Totally – the basics of pricing your product are the same the world over and if you need to make any little tweaks to the spreadsheet we can guide you through that (like accounting for your local taxation for instance). The spreadsheet has £ signs on it but you can just ignore those and read it as your own currency.

No worries, you’ll have access to the bi-monthly live Q&A sessions with Lauren & Julie where you can ask any questions you like. Plus you can access previous calls to find out if your question has already been asked and answered.

The investment


This phenomenal course is priced at just £127
A no brainer, when you think about how quickly you will make this back, and how much time and agony you will save when each enquiry comes through and you wonder if you really charged enough.

What could you buy with £127?
A daily cup of coffee for six weeks? A nice outfit? Or an investment into the profitable, successful future of your business?

Take action now – and you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

£ 127.00
  • 10 Modules with videos, spreadsheet and workbooks
  • Study at your own pace with 24/7 access to materials
  • Bi-monthly live Q&A sessions to get YOUR questions answered
  • Life time access - revisit the course as many times as you need

Stop fretting about your pricing and start running the business you’ve dreamed of – one that you enjoy and earn good money from!